Miss J's Crypto Couture | Triple Signature Look: Blue Poncho with Signature Leggingss

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Miss J's Crypto Couture

 Digital Fashion for the Metaverse

Stand out in a crowd with the boldest color in the 2022 Color Palette.   Miss J's Super Sonic Blue Pancho with Signature Silhouette Print and Runway Leg Trim is paired with Miss J's Silhouette Houndstooth leggings.   Digital Fashion designed by Miss J and manufactured by the leading manufacturer of Digital Fashion DressX.  

Digital Fashion can be experienced in three distinct ways which will be rolled out within the SuperPopDrop timeline. 

Digital Fashion NFT

The NFT itself is an expression of fashion and a statement to everyone that you are an innovator.   Miss J's Crypto Couture resides in your digital wallet on display to the world which is a statement in itself that you are one of the very first investors in Digital Fashion.   Each look is limited to  

Owners of this NFT will be given a code that unlocks the look on the DressX A/R Fashion Cam for the iPhone.   The owner of the NFT will be able to apply this look using their iPhone and post the image or video directly to social media.   

Digital Fashion is particularly useful when the owner finds themselves at the perfect moment or location without the right look to for a photograph or post.   Now Influencers and Fashionistas can carry an entire wardrobe with them all 

Digital looks are particularly useful for fashion Influencers and anyone who wants to have wardrobe options so they  which gives Influencers a bold look to apply anytime they find themselves in a locationThe DressX A/R fashion cam allows users to apply the wardrobe items they purchase