Miss J's Crypto Couture | Signature Thigh High Gold Heel Boots

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DIGITAL FASHION Signature Crypto Couture Print Thigh High Boots with Gold Spike Heel and Buckle Crypto Couture NFT - Digital Fashion for the Metaverse. Make an entrance with this Statement Piece designed for a bold confident runway walk throughout the Metaverse. Wear with confidence and expect to attract an audience. FASHION AND MUSIC Each Crypto Couture NFT is set to a Crypto Couture EDM Dance track created by Grammy Award winning music producer Leo Frappier, Lyrics Sung by Miss J and Directed by Collaboration Artist James Moritz.  To hear the track listen to any product video with your sound turned on. Every NFT comes with a downloadable version of the full length song. SECONDARY MARKETS: All SuperPopDrop NFT Assets can be easily listed and re-sold through secondary markets like OpenSea and Venly Market. We encourage all owners to list assets for more than the list price in order to sustain the value of everyone's assets in the community. MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE SuperPopDrop was founded as a socially conscious community designed to help make the world a better place through a community that is organized to help support homeless kids who have no support system, hope or future. SuperPhoenix is not just another donation, it is an initiative to help others by sharing skills and resources to kids who have lost their homes and have no hope or future. Specifically Super Phoenix is an initiative to help homeless LGBTQIA and other marginalized kids who have lost their homes, been rejected or abandoned and are forced to live on the streets, in group homes or shelters without any support system or family and little hope for any future. Super Phoenix is an extension of the SuperPopDrop community where the same creators behind the NFTs are sharing their knowledge and experience with at risk youth. Through the process of learning kids find their own voice, self worth and acceptance. We know this works through similar workshops we have participated in the past. The kids who have been given the chance to learn new skills find a new purpose which gives them hope and has proven to work. To find our more visit